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We try for the production of superior goods, the steady supply of the product, correspondence to the needs of the customer since the establishment of a business and will aim at the making of product which can be pleased with all of the customer from now on.
We produce a thread and strings in response to the demand of the customer with function fiber circulating now in the market. The kind of the thread which we sell now has many kinds such as Polyester, Nylon, Aramid, PP, PE, PBO, PPS, Cotton, Hemp, Bamboo, Soybean, etc.
Industrial sewing machine thread
製品一覧1 Industrial sewing machine thread
製品一覧2Fishery material
製品一覧3Industrial fiber material
製品一覧4Material for weaving machines
製品一覧5Thread for construction
製品一覧6Other special use threads
Grass trimmer cord
バンド・エプロン・安全保護具・便利グッズApron and Tool for security
ナイロンより糸・ナイロン水糸・エコ水糸・綿糸・園芸用紐Various threads using nylon
関連商品Other gardening-related articles